Grooming means more than just looking great

Grooming is very important to the health and wellbeing of your pet. Regular treatments ensure healthy skin and paws, shiny fur and your dog feeling its best. It helps avoid painful and potentially debilitating skin disorders- which will save you a lot of dollars at the vets.We use nothing but the best products for all of our services. We want the very best for our own dogs so we treat your dogs as if they are our own

Rest assured that we have tricks to make sure that no client goes away with their tail between their legs. Our services for dog washing and grooming in the Morisset area are based on an animal friendly approach.

Bath and blow dry

from $35

Warm bath, double wash, conditioner, blow dry, cologne or perfume, nails clipped, gentle brush ( no dematting ). Great for indoor dogs who want to stay clean and fresh. Fortnightly is the best option for these guys.

Bath and Tidy

from $55

Everything in the bath pack but we will clip sanitry area, clip and tidy feet and tidy face. Great for in between grooms

Full clip

from $70

Full clip of body one length, Warm bath, double wash, conditioner, blow dry, cologne or perfume, nails clipped(does not include snap ons). This will last from 4-12 weeks. Common for the everyday pet.

Style clips

from $80

This includes snap onattatchments (longer clips). It is extremely important to have a knot free dog for this service, most people who get this will book in monthly and brush dogs at least twice a week.

Groom out / Deshed

from $80

Warm bath, double wash, conditioner, blow dry, cologne or perfume, nails clipped. Stripping of excess and dead coat. Recommended monthly for the best outcome.


from $10

Clip nails and transform your your dog's ugly nails into beautiful. All the nail polish we have is 100% safe for dogs and are quick drying.


from $15

Ever wanted your dog to stand out from the crowd? How bout a colour. Ears or tail is very popular.


from $20

Warm bath, double wash, towel dry, cologne or perfume, nails clipped

Clean”N’Fresh program

Currently Unavailable

Unlimited warm bath and blow dries. Discounted full grooms (if needed) Special colognes and perfumes for the CNF clients only. Priority bookings.

Add Ons

  • Late Fees/ After Hours
    If you are more than 15mins late for an appointment an additional fee may apply. On some occasions you may be required to re-book your appointment. A courtesy call ahead of time is essential to avoid possible fees. Late fees will apply to late pick-ups after business hours.
  • Missed Appointments/ No Show
    Not showing to your appointment will result in a no-show fee. This fee may be up to the full amount of the service you booked. Cancellations and/or changes to your appointments must be made more than 24hrs prior in order to be exempt from this fee.
  • Additional Handling
    If your pooch is difficult to handle and/or requires the assistance of a second staff member, a handing fee will apply. This fee is typically between $10-30 depending on the additional handling time
  • Fleas
    If we discover that your pooch has fleas, they will receive a flea bath at an extra cost of $10-$15
  • Matting
    If your dog presents with severe matting there will be an additional fee